May 242011

This is rather unreasonable, but it seems a new business model for many companies – take what users share for free, make money out of it and harass everyone who wants to use what has been shared. After the web 2.0 “revolution”, corporations are trying to regain control of the web, content, users and uses. Points to remember: don’t use services with questionable policies (at least for serious things) and value your freedom as a user on top of anything else.

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World Entertainment News Network, a news and photo agency, announced this month that it had become the “exclusive photo agency partner” of Twitpic, a service with over 20 million registered users that allows people to upload images and link to them on Twitter. The deal allows the agency to sell images posted on Twitpic for publication, and to pursue legal action against those who use such images commercially without its permission, according to the agency.



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