Sep 282011

Sure hope this very 90's control-the-content-and–the-medium tendency (see also Apple, Facebook et al.) is proven wrong by users keeping their priorities straight – freedom, choice and ownership first.

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My Guardian column this week is about (you guessed it) the Amazon Kindle Fire. It's a smart first entry in the tablet market for Amazon, but I'm sorry to see the company giving into its own control-freak impulses by creating such a sideways version of Android. I'm not planning to buy one, for a number of reasons, and hope it'll be swiflly jailbroken.

Also, as you'll see, one of the losers in today's announcements is likely to be Barnes & Noble, which I believe blew a huge opportunity to lock up the bargain-price Android tablet business when it, too, locked down its Nook Color. A huge mistake in the long run, and a lot of great work by a crack development team largely wasted.

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Kindle Fire's challenge to Apple and Google
Dan Gillmor: Amazon's smaller, cheaper tablet device is an astute product – designed to hold market share against others' software and apps

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