Nov 182011

Brian Lamb on "Disconnectivism" (via OLDaily). Very good!

CONCLUSION:Disconnectivism presents a model of knowledge that confuses the shifts in a society where living is no longer a cooperative, mutually beneficial activity. How people work and function is defined by the inexorable self-destruction brought about by disembodied power. The clueless have been slow to recognize both the inhuman autonomy of the political-economic system and its insatiable lust to consume all living things. Disconnectivism provides no insight into this hopeless reality, nor does it offer any strategies needed to survive with dignity in a post-connected era.

Toward a theory of Disconnectivism. Posted on November 15, 2011 by Brian. INTRODUCTION: Disconnectivism is driven by the delusion that decisions are made on any basis of reality whatsoever. New inform…

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