Nov 212011

Great post by +Leigh Blackall on OERU and Open Education.

"All these initiatives make the common mistake of overly focusing on content, and in doing so they are chipping away at the institution's strangle hold over assessment and accreditation – which is ultimately where these developments matter most (…) OERU by name, seems largely focused on content, but under the hood they use scenarios that say different. They should drop the word Resources from their name, and go with OEU. At the moment the message is still heavily weighted to the idea that they believe content leads to learning, and are working on formalising recognition and accreditation through that channel of content."

OERU vs Pearsons vs OEU. Labels: educational-development, edupreneur, internet-as-the-platform, networked learning, NOPhD, open-PhD. Wayne Mackintosh is making rapid progress joining the dots around t…

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