Jan 182012

+Cristina Costa: The need to unlearn.

"Unlearning for me means to look at things from another perspective or multiple angles. It also means to let those new ideas and practices challenge me. Unlearning is about doing things differently; to leave my assumptions at the door as I enter a new world. This is a skill to be learnt. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is not something that comes natural, and sometimes I think many of us struggle to take that step. Yet, when we do it; that is when we learn more and more deeply. We learn not only about new things; we learn about ourselves!".

True not only for researchers but also for teachers and students.

This is the first blogpost of the year. We are all back in the office and there are loads of new activities to prepare and support. Soon enough a new edition of the SPARC conference will be announced….

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