Jan 242012

Dave Winer, always worth reading.

"I still hope that there's a remnant of the idealism of tech. That there was value in the personal-ness of PCs. The net is the same way. We need to make it always-easier for people to own and run their own infrastructure. People think it's hard, but it doesn't have to be! Each of us can have the equiv of a printing plant, that's the magic of tech. No harder to keep running than a laptop. To those people in tech who still hold to the ideal of free communication unrestricted by government or corporations, please use some of your profits to help guarantee the future of an independent Internet. Otherwise, I think we can all see this clearly now, the net will be a single amorphous disneyfied mess, not too far down the road."

Truth is this — users are caught between tech and media. Neither of them is looking out for our interest. Each of them own politicians each owns tech. The tech industry is better at tech (no surprise) and the media industry is better at a lot of other things, including getting Congress to do their bidding.
I’ve been warning the news publishers to be careful about viewing Twitter and Facebook as if they were equivalent to the web. This would be l…

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