May 282012

+Martin Weller's thoughts on MOOCs. He says on a final note

I also wonder if there isn’t an element of ‘if it wasn’t invented in the US it hasn’t been invented’ about much of this, and 10 years from now people will be writing papers that cite Stanford as the initiator of open courses.

By the way these institutional initiatives have ignored all prior history on MOOCs, distance education and online learning, that seems a very plausible outcome.

I thought I’d write a couple of posts around MOOCs, and in particular, the sudden awakening of senior management, media and companies to them. I don’t think this post is really saying much more than ‘hmm, interesting isn’t it?’. Having been involved on the periphery of MOOCs for a while, and knowing a lot of the real pioneers on first names term (George, David, Stephen, Dav…

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