Jun 192009

Yesterday I had the public defence of my master’s dissertation. The title is  “From Web 2.0 to eLearning 2.0: Learning in the network”, somewhat exploratory and theoretical, without a practical study, as is more common. Profª Maria João Gomes, from University of Minho, was the best one can expect: very competent and very nice.

It went very well and the company was excellent, which is always a double joy.

For those interested in these subjects, I made an online version which is available at http://orfeu.org/weblearning20/.

Nov 052008

I’m not a person with a lot of heroes or idols, but I confess I get really excited about Barack Obama. Regardless of what he comes to do (and I believe he’ll do a lot, despite resistance and pressure on many levels) I find him an admirable person, a 21st century politician. I was happy that he won, both for who he is but also for the memory of those many who helped him build the way that brought him where he is now, because they dreamed and believed.