Jul 102015

The study is interesting, but Tony Bates' comment on it is right to the point and, once again, exposes the lack of knowledge that underlies many aspects of xMOOCs.

Demonstration is one of the 18 video production styles from a Coursera course “Mechanics: Motion, Forces, Energy and Gravity, from Particles to Planets” (UNSW Australia). Hansch, A. et al. (2015) Video and Online Learning: Critical Reflections and Findings From the Field Berlin DE: Alexander von …

Jul 022015

Martin Weller on some important battles of Open Education today.

I know some people don’t like the whole “battle” idea in my book, and I get why it isn’t always applicable. But sometimes, it really does feel that way. In what could become a regular feature, if I…

May 052015

Interesting post by Erik Duval on Open Science. His proposal:

I propose that the European Commission takes the bold step to ensure that, before the end of this decade, all metadata about all scientific publications ever published would be put in the public domain.

Last week, I spent two days discussing ‘open science’ in an EU meeting, as part of what will culminate in a meeting on “opening up to an ERA of Innovation” next month. We were asked to make suggest…

Apr 242015

A great interview with David Krakauer. A must watch.

One way to think about culture is as dominoes arrayed in a line, with one tipping over another, a sort of cascade of influence,”…

Mar 302015

Good post by Lorena A. Barba on why video-based learning is not the best of options.

A MOOC professor takes a contrarian view and creates a MOOC without relying on videos, and makeing the claim that they are not necessary for a meaningful online learning experience.